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Presidents Report

Hello fellow rotarians,

I hope this finds you well and you are preparing for a fun filled meeting this Tuesday Night!


We had the pleasure of Alan Heighway speak to us about Coronary Heart Disease with passion and enthusiasm. It was extremely humbling to hear how many Rotarians had themselves been through major heart operations such as the insertion of Stents, for some they had 4. Wow!

It’s always great to have guest speakers and a healthy turn out is the best way to show appreciation for our speakers.


I wanted to touch on your abilities as a Rotarian to bring ideas to our club, ideas that perhaps include something close to your heart or something you think needs attention. For your idea, as a club we then work this and see if it is something we can do and how we do it.

Chris L has mentioned a fee times his desire to help out locally, to just get out and about in the community and I think its a great idea. Who needs help? Schools, Council, Small Businesses, Fellow Rotarians? Let’s get this in to movement now and make a difference.


You may recall when I became President I set a lofty goal of 25 new members by the end of my term. Although set high I must reiterate that it is one new member for every member we have. Do you know 1 person is can join?

Let’s invite our friends or people we know to help out at a BBQ or when we do local events such as Borgnis St lights, the Easter Egg Hunt (which is fast approaching) or when we have a big event at one of our meetings.

Speaking of a fun meeting, I can’t wait for the Northern Beaches Rotaract Club to run our meeting on Tuesday night. Kos will tell you more about it over the page however I really hope we can have a great turnout on the night.

That’s me done and I hope to see you on Tuesday night!

President Shane Broekman

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