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S&E Challenges to Awards

With swagger, class and somewhat of a Johnny Cash, men in black stature, Gavin Ralston presented with enthusiasm and conviction his passion for the S & E (Science & Engineering) Challenge.

For me it was great to see the children use their brains and what was provided for them, to build bridges, work out the shortest paths and design in a field that is clearly on the decline.

On behalf of the club, Gavin, thank you for taking the time to explain what you have been involved in for all these years.


On Tuesday night Jeff Banks (Past President) was awarded a 2017-18 Rotary Citation from the RI President for making a difference in the lives of people all over the world.

In the words of Jeff…”it is the people in our club that makes this all possible” which is a compliment to every member in our club doing their thing through volunteering and helping out without question.

For such a small club we sure pack a big punch and a huge thanks to Immediate Past District Governor Peter Ward for taking the time to visit our club and present this award to Jeff and our club. A demonstration of the importance of this award without question.


A fun, hilarious and unpredictable evening will be held on the 26th February as the DHS (Davidson High School) students run our meeting.

Bring your coins for our fine sessions and be ready for an exciting evening like always.

Well that’s it from me and I look forward to seeing you all on Tuesday. A big thank you to all club members for the work you do in and outside of our club.

President Shane Broekman

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