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A simple but very powerful idea, this is a Rotary community orientated project aimed at providing gifts to less fortunate people within the broad community who seldom have the pleasure of receiving one for Christmas.
Trees of Joy are placed in shopping centres, banks, offices and the like. Some time before Xmas our Rotary Club contacts charities and welfare centres asking them what their requirements are. Once having received their requests appropriate labels are handwritten eg. "4 year old boy in hospital would like a transformer game".
We at Belrose have many charities and support organisations who approach us with details of worthy recipients of gifts, these may be young or old, lonely, poor, infirm or just in need of a little love and care.   Our handwritten gift cards are produced and dress the Tree, people choose a card, purchase the gift and leave under the Tree.  We regularly collect the donated gifts and immediately distribute to the appropriate charity or support organisation.
Organisations we have supported include: St Vincent de Paul, Lifeline, Burnside (Wesley), Anglicare, Bear Cottage, Royal Far West (Children's Home), Women's Refuges, Stewart House and Indigenous and Rural Communities.   The major distribution area covered runs roughly from Newcastle to Wollongong and Greater Sydney across the Blue Mountains to the Far West of NSW.

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