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Farewell Julie - Youth Exchange

Our German exchange student is heading back home!

Julie, Mögen all seine Träume want werden.

In English this means: Julie, may all your dreams come true.

We have enjoyed watching Julie ( Our German Youth Exchange Student) grow over the past 12 months, but now she is back home with her family and we look forward to always staying in touch.

I speak on behalf of every member of our club when I say you will be missed.

Youth Exchange

One of the greatest things our club does is the Rotary Exchange Student program where we have 1 outbound exchange student leave our local area and head overseas to a new country where they learn another language and way of life.

We also welcome exchange students from other countries and house them for 12 months as they learn our language, lingo and catch phrases.

Davidson High School have been a huge part of our program for many years, as they take in all our exchange students and keep them on track with their schooling, language and finding new found friends.

Welcome Vittoria!

On the 17th July, 2019 our newest inbound student Vittoria will land in Sydney after flying all the way from Italy.

We look forward to meeting you Vittoria and can't wait to teach you our local lingo!

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