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Pride Of Workmanship Awards

Last Tuesday meeting we had the Pride of Workmanship awards and what a night, the first to receive an award was Sandie Pocott a teacher’s aide at the Vern Barnett School; nominated by the principal Fiona Dignan.

Next, we had Gabriella Bombara an apprentice chef currently employed at the Steyne Hotel. Gabriella was nominated by her TAFE teacher Craig Whiting.

Our third and final was Ruth Shennan employed by Device Technologies as the head of Quality and Regulatory for Australia and New Zealand. Ruth was nominated by the management of Device Technologies.

I would like to thank Bruce Nicholson, Kos Psaltis and Adam Johnston for their much needed help on the night. PP Warren McGurgan

Gabriella Bombara Citation

Gabriella Bombara won the Regional Gold Medal for her dessert (Johnson's TAFE NSW's Cookery Challenge 2018). The judges commented that her dessert was the best dessert they had judged in the history of the Competition. They mentioned that all components worked together, which demonstrates Gabriella’s ability to perfect all elements of the dish.

Preparing for the competition, Gabriella credits Craig Whiting (TAFE teacher) for introducing her to new items, methods and skills. She had never made these items before however with her best efforts she managed to replicate all aspects of training successfully for the Cookery Challenge.

Gabriella’s ability and commitment are demonstrated by being ranked first in TAFE cookery studies and having received the highest marks in her practical and theory units. She is currently in her last year as an apprentice chef.

Craig Whiting nominated Gabriella, for this award because he believes her focus on detail is extraordinary and that she is determined enough to make a difference in the food and beverage industry in Australia. Her teachers have said that Gabriella is receptive to new ideas and is able to build upon new ideas and knowledge to create excellent dishes.

She has also received employee of the month from her employer the Hotel Steyne for her hard working and committed attitude.

Sandi Pocott Citation

Sandi Pocott is a dedicated and hardworking staff member at Aspect Vern Barnett School. Her role as a teacher aide sees her supporting families, teachers and students. A job she does with the upmost professionalism and positivity, believing in what is possible for the students who all have an autism diagnosis.

What makes Sandi even more outstanding is her willingness to give to the community of Vern Barnett, beyond her role as a teacher aide. Over her many years with the school and Aspect as an organisation, Sandi has donated countless hours of her time. She helps young adults with social opportunities and art clubs out of school hours. Sandi also gets to work early and stays back late making teaching materials and organising toys and resources for the students. She can often be seen around the school during the holidays helping with odd jobs and classroom set up.

Sandi is a compassionate staff member who shows great care and concern for all. Everyone in the Vern Barnett community benefits from Sandi’s commitment to helping students with an autism diagnosis.

Ruth Shennan Citation

Ruth Shennan has worked at Device Technologies, an importer and supplier of medical technologies, since 1998. Her current role is Head of Quality & Regulatory for Australia and New Zealand. She leads a large team of professional specialists with responsibilities covering compliance in a highly regulated industry which includes processes to ensure patient safety and satisfaction whilst meeting all legal obligations.

In addition to this role, Ruth participates in industry committees to support the medical device industry, helping to identify and work with government to resolve regulatory concerns and encourage actions to improve access to medical technology by patients in need.

She is also an advocate for the ongoing education of smaller, less experienced companies and working through consultation to government on policy and process development.

Ruth has implemented an intern programme to help young graduates from science and medical related tertiary studies to meet their degree requirements whilst fostering a knowledge of the medical device industry. Through this programme she has been able to provide an entry pathway for new graduates into an industry that can be extremely difficult to enter without prior experience.

Ruth is a local resident having lived in Davidson for many years, her three children all attended local schools, both Kambora and Davidson High School. Ruth keenly supports local employment whenever opportunities arise at Device Technologies and actively participates in its annual Careers Night which is always open to the local community.

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